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,Use a bamboo that has a diameter of 2-inches.Make sure that it has no cracks or it is not pest infested.Preparing the bamboo.Cut the bamboo as close to the node as you can on one side and 3-inches away from the node on the other.You now have a crude cup.You can make a curved corner on the outer layer of the bamboo by cutting horizontally on the skin to make it look like a box.While doing this, make sure that you won't break the inner most layer of the bamboo.It is highly sensitive to force.To make the texture of the outer surface of the cup smooth, use the finest sandpaper available.Use the same method on the inner portion of the bamboo, except that you should not overdo it.
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,Next, fold it back a half each to create the lower pleat.Press and pleat.Iron the pleat well so that it remains even and straight.Topstitch that first pleat you made.Keep folding your fabric under and back to itself then stitching that pleat so that it keeps in place.Are you rearing for a costume party? Whether it is for the Halloween, a birthday party, or just an ordinary costume party where you want to dress up and look glamorous, you can always rely on the dependable flapper costume.It is a classic piece, it shows off your gorgeous legs, and it is easy to make! So if you want to arrive at that party looking all shiny and new but without spending too much, then making your own flapper costume might just be for you.
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